Development at Flagship

Flagship Development

200-plus homes per year

Flagship Housing Group own and manage approximately 22,000 homes throughout the East and South East region. As part of our commitment to invest in new homes in the region Flagship aims to develop 200 + homes a year.

Our aim is to work with our partners and stakeholders to invest in providing new homes in areas of greatest need to address identified shortfalls in good quality affordable and accessible homes. Flagship aims to deliver new housing schemes offering a range of house types and tenancies to meet demand and create new homes of a high standard in safe and sustainable communities in locations where people want to live.

How we develop

Our new homes are provided through a number of routes including:

  • Acquisition of land and property for development.
  • Re-development of brownfield sites.
  • Section 106 planning requirements for affordable homes.
  • Planning exceptions sites.
  • Change of Use sites, ex- commercial, industrial, other.
  • Infill plots and land.
  • Stock acquisitions.

Development Strategy

We aim to deliver good quality affordable homes tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers and in locations that are sustainable with good access to local facilities, services and transportation.

Flagship will develop in areas that meet these criteria and where services and products provided to its customers and stakeholders can be maintained at a high and consistent standard.

Sustainable Homes

Our current standard for measuring the sustainability of all new homes is Code for Sustainable Homes [pdf] 1MB    Using this standard we are obliged to build to a minimum of Code 3 Level (out of a possible 6). To achieve these set levels, we aspire to achieve credits in nine different categories: energy and carbon dioxide emissons, water, materials, surface run-off, waste, pollution, health and well-being, management and ecology.
Find out more about the Code for Sustainable Homes

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